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Go For Life

go-for-lifeGo for Life is the national programme for sport and physical activity for older people. The aim of Go for Life is to involve more older adults in all aspects of sport and physical activity more often not only participating but also planning and leading sport and physical activity within their own groups. The thrust of the programme is to empower and enable older people by reaching out to active retirement associations, senior citizens groups, day care and community centres around the country, to ensure that older people are more active, more often.


There are two key strands:

  1. Active Living: to get more people involved in health enhancing physical activity.
  2. Sport Participation: to increase participation rates in sport by older people.

The programme also provides training for Physical Activity Leaders (PALs). Where an individual receives training from 8 workshop below.

  • Basic Principles
  • Sit-Fit
  • Better Balance
  • Going Strong
  • Stepping & Strolling
  • Rolling & Bowling
  • Pitching & Tossing
  • PALS skills

For more information on these see the publications section. The programme is implemented in partnership with the Local Sports Partnership and the Health Promotion Officers within the HSE. Leaders are trained locally and will in turn promote participation in sport amongst the older people in their communities.

If you are interested in this programme or for more information contact us on 090 6630853 or info@rosactive.org or Go for Life at gfl@ageandopportunity.ie