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Oran Healthy Club Project

📢 *ORAN GETS ACTIVE 2018!* 📯
After the festivities, get yourself right on track with a health, finess & wellbeing programme in 2018!! 🌟 A programme packed with activities & fun, tailored to suit all fitness levels. Kick off - January 4th with well known motivational speaker & trainer Pat Divilly. Pat is passionate in the areas of mindset, nutrition and training to support a healthy body and mind. The 8 week programme includes - indoor exercise sessions, outdoor walks/runs, dance classes & much much more! Supported & guided by a great team of professionals. Programme open to individuals (16yrs & over) in the area, surrounding towns & villages. All are welcome. Thanks to McGuinness's Pharmacy offering prizes & free health checks to those who sign up! Let's get though these winter months with spirit & healthy fun

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