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Enjoy Tennis

Enjoy Tennis - Tennis Ireland logo

Enjoy Tennis is the Tennis Ireland programme for players with a disability to learn and enjoy playing tennis in clubs around Ireland.

It was developed by Tennis Ireland following research which showed that players with a disability typically had no access to tennis as a sport. The programme is strongly supported by Sport Ireland and a range of Local Sports Partnerships. Through a collaborative approach with partners, players and clubs, the Enjoy Tennis programme aims to provide an accessible and inclusive sport to people of all abilities in their communities.

The Enjoy Tennis programme caters for players:

  • With an Intellectual disability
  • With Autism spectrum Disorder
  • With an Acquired brain injury (ABI)
  • Who use a Wheelchair
  • Who are Blind /have a Vision Impairment
  • Who have Dementia
  • To improve their Mental Health
  • Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Who have Cerebral Palsy

How does the Programme work?:

Enjoy Tennis links local organisations such as Service Providers or NGBs such as Vision Sports Ireland or IWA sport with local Tennis clubs. To engage groups in the programme, Enjoy Tennis provides free tennis coaching for the duration of the programme. Following this, the tennis clubs continue to provide the facility and the Tennis Development officers work with the club and service providers to plan how to fund the continuation of tennis for the groups going forward. The overall ambition is to ensure that players have a long-term opportunity to enjoy their tennis rather than a once off experience.

If you would like to find out more about starting an Enjoy Tennis group please contact  Elaine: elaine@rosactive.org or one of Tennis Ireland's Regional Development Officers.