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Buntús Start – Pre-School Programme

buntas-sports-council-smlBuntús Start is an Irish Sports Council Programme. Buntús Start is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged 3-5 years old. It has been designed for use in pre-school settings so that pre-school and playgroup leaders can provide a wide range of learning opportunities for young children to develop their fundamental motor skills, spatial awareness, manipulative skills, co-ordination and balancing skills and develop a positive attitude to physical activity.

The Roscommon Sports Partnership together with the Roscommon County Childcare Committee has been delivering this programme for the last two years. A large number of groups have already received the training. The initial training lasts for 4 hours. It is a great day full of games and sport, where the childcare practitioners became 3-5 year olds again. At the end of the training, each group received a bag full of equipment as well as resource cards with games and ideas, to support and aid the practitioners to deliver this programme back in their respective groups.

After this initial training there is a further 2 hour follow up course, this date is arranged for approximately 4- 6weeks after the programme is used in the pre-school. If you would like your centre to avail of the training please contact the Roscommon County Childcare Committee on 094 9622540 or email us at info@rosactive.org

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